Belle Bonica Luxe Corp./BlockChain Loyalty Corp. Announces Strategic Acquisition and Corporate Developments

April 25th, 2024, Portland, OR Belle Bonica Luxe Corp./BlockChain Loyalty Corp. (BBLC) On April 25, 2024, Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. (trading as BlockChain Loyalty Corp. - BBLC) entered into an agreement to acquire a 20% stake in Koilink Technologies Inc., a FinTech company based in Wyoming. This strategic move represents a significant advancement in BBLC's ongoing commitment to innovation and value creation.

Koilink Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of addressing critical needs within the financial services sector by harnessing state-of-the-art technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of capital-raising and investment matchmaking. With its innovative solutions, Koilink has the potential to revolutionize how issuers and brokers interact in the market, fostering transparent, accessible, and dynamic investment ecosystems.
In alignment with BBLC's objectives, the board of directors has decided to "spin out" Koilink, which is expected to become a separate publicly traded entity. This strategic decision underscores BBLC's dedication to unlocking the full potential of Koilink's technology and generating value for its shareholders. Upon meeting all regulatory requirements, Koilink's common shares are expected to be listed on either the CSE, CBOE, or OTC Markets.

This strategic acquisition presents an exciting opportunity for BBLC shareholders to participate in the growth and success of Koilink Technologies Inc. As a 20% stakeholder in Koilink Technologies Inc., BBLC currently holds 10,000,000 of Koilink's 50,000,000 shares outstanding of Class 'A' common shares ("Koilink Common Shares"). The company, through its transfer agent, will issue 6,489,165 shares of Koilink Common Shares to BBLC shareholders as a dividend. For every 10 Common Shares of BBLC held by shareholders of record on May 15th, 2024, each such shareholder will be entitled to receive 1 (one) Class 'A' common share of Koilink Technologies Inc. The details of how this will be accomplished will be disclosed as soon as all of the relevant details are worked out between, Koilink, BBLC, their transfer agent and regulators.
BBLC reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and delivering value to its shareholders. For further updates and information regarding the transaction, please stay tuned to our official channels.

About Koilink Technologies Inc.
Koilink Technologies Inc. is addressing a critical need in the financial services industry by leveraging technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of capital raising and investment matchmaking. Our technology has the innovation and the potential to reshape how issuers and brokers interact in the market, fostering more transparent, accessible, and dynamic investment ecosystems. Koilink is a geosocial industry-targeted mobile app/web-application that links investment brokers and public or private companies to equity offerings in real-time. Koilink is a FinTech application that seeks to solve the challenges faced by issuers in discovering potential sources of capital, efficiently and quickly. The platform is designed to streamline the process of accessing financing opportunities for issuers, while also providing brokers with a continuous source of potential deals.

About Belle Bonica Luxe Corp.
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