Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. / BlockChain Loyalty Corp. Signs LOI to Acquire a Minority Stake in Internet Streaming Network, FOR US TV

October 5TH, 2023 - PORTLAND, OR and MONTREAL, QC, Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. / BlockChain Loyalty Corp. (BBLC) is pleased to announce that it will continue to keep its promise to shareholders, through ongoing strategic moves to become a true “lifestyle brand;” by recently signing a letter of intent to acquire 20% ownership in the subscription-based streaming network, For US TV. BBLC will keep on its trajectory of continued growth by breaking into new markets through these types of acquisitions, aimed at various sectors in the lifestyle space.
“BBLC’s vision of acquiring innovative and creative brands, will attract diverse customers from across the globe who are seeking top-quality products and services from their brand partners” said Joel DeBellefeuille, Chairman & CEO of Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. He goes on to say that; “sticking to its vision and values, each BBLC brand must maintain a passion to excel without limitation and they must adhere to the same vision and values of the group.”
Svetlana Chernienko, For US TV founder, brings her extensive film industry insights to the table. "Every person has a story," Svetlana emphasizes, "and we need platforms that truly listen."

Transaction terms
The terms of the agreement called for Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. to pay a total of $600,000.00 in Consideration Shares totaling 1,428,571 units, for 20% of For US TV, with the closing date expected to take place on or before October 15th, 2023. The Company has been in negotiations with For US TV over the last several weeks and both entities are pleased with the terms of the LOI and have agreed to moving forward with the expecting closing, on that date.

Discover For Us TV: Beyond Mainstream Streaming
For US TV is a dynamic internet TV network with versatile on-demand streaming capabilities set to launch fall/winter 2023. Viewers will be able to enjoy an array of movies, TV shows, and the latest releases right at their fingertips, which will be accessible from any device. The network is proudly female-led and Black-owned, with For US TV not only showcasing Black-themed movies, but also affirming space for the BIPOC LGBTQIA+ community; where the network is conscious of the often-skewed portrayal they receive in the media.
Launching at the end of 2023, For US TV will be found on platforms that include Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Android TV, as well as in app stores. For US TV has connected TV leads that exceed over 300 million viewers on the top 3 platforms where the viewer will have an ads-free premium experience for a subscription-based fee.

Generating revenue
For US TV will be generating revenue through subscription-based video on demand and via transactional video on demand, and through ads for product placement for companies or brands seeking immediate exposure. Why would a business want product placement in entertainment media? Because marketers can use movie, videogame, or television show settings to advertise their products. If a brand wants to promote its location, it can use this advertising strategy to share with audiences what its site has to offer. Advertising using a setting, can increase brand awareness and the number of customers. BBLC will be using the For US TV network and platform to promote its subsidiaries while retaining revenues in-house, that would otherwise go to a third-party service provider, and most likely, wouldn’t even come close to targeting an audience of 300+million viewers.
The acquisition of 20% of For US TV is an integral part of BBLC’s growth plans; positioning itself to increase revenues through geographic expansion and strategic acquisitions of product lines and services which are compatible with its business philosophy, brand, and strategic corporate path as a lifestyle brand.

About For US TV
For US TV is a dynamic internet TV network with versatile on-demand streaming capabilities. Viewers can enjoy an array of movies, TV shows, and the latest releases right at their fingertips, accessible from any device.

About Belle Bonica Luxe Corp.
Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. OTC: (BBLC) is dedicated to promoting a lifestyle of health, beauty, and wealth; through the acquisition and development of creative & innovative brands catering to luxury markets that are aimed at improving your way of life, while seeking long-term shareholder value. BBLC's promise is to commit to optimizing shareholder value by continuously sourcing un-paralleled revenue generating brands that match the group's 5 pillars of: "no limits. passionate. creative. innovative. fun"

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