Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. / BlockChain Loyalty Corp. Announces Closing of Definitive Agreement with Hong Kong-based AI-Marketing firm Touchpoint, Acquiring 12.5%

November 15th, 2023 - PORTLAND, OR and MONTREAL, QC, Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. / BlockChain Loyalty Corp. (BBLC) is pleased to announce the signing of a Definitive Agreement with Sinoex Limited Dba Touchpoint, a Hong-Kong based AI (Artificial-Intelligence) and marketing firm, acquiring 12.5% of Touchpoint on October 20th, 2023. This strategic acquisition is part of BBLC’s plans to create recurring organic revenue streams; by not only utilizing the services of Touchpoint’s technology to drive sales toward its wholly owned subsidiary True + Luscious; but also offering and recommending its use by other brands that BBLC acquires in the near future. BBLC believes that the possibilities of generating income are threefold and very encouraging. One, being through Touchpoint’s existing customers; another, as an increased spotlight by AI-generating advertisements geared at driving traffic and sales towards True + Luscious’ website; and the third via signed contractual agreements with Touchpoint, by its subsidiaries.

Transaction terms:
BBLC will pay the value of $730,000.00 in Consideration Shares & cash and will jointly raise capital for Sineox Limited Dba Touchpoint in the amount of $102,000. The Consideration Shares have a per unit value of $0.42 USD. The transaction will be broken down into 3 segments of 5% and 5% in shares, and 2.5% in cash. Each issuance of Consideration Shares and cash payment will take place over the course of 60 days per segment, until the entire 12.5% is acquired. Sinoex Limited Dba Touchpoint shall issue the same number of units to Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. in-order to consummate the purchase.
“This is an extremely important acquisition that will bring value to BBLC through AI-powered technology and access to sales channels and methods, used by Touchpoint and their team. This is very exciting” said Joel DeBellefeuille, Chairman & CEO of BBLC.

Key takeaways include:
· Synergy in AI Marketing Services: The acquisition of Sinoex by BBLC has the potential to create a synergistic relationship in the field of AI algorithm-based marketing services. Sinoex's expertise in this area can significantly enhance BBLC's capabilities, allowing it to offer advanced marketing solutions to corporations, SMEs, and marketing agencies worldwide.

· Competitive Advantage: By incorporating the AI marketing tool into the operations of its subsidiary companies, BBLC can gain a competitive edge in the market. The tool's ability to provide marketing intelligence and adapt to dynamic market changes can help BBLC's subsidiaries stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions to maximize their marketing efforts.

· Financial Strength: The steady stream of cash flow and recurring income generated by Sinoex will contribute to the financial strength of BBLC. This increased financial capability can support BBLC's growth initiatives, such as investing in research and development, expanding into new markets, or acquiring other strategic assets.

· Global Expansion: Sinoex's addition to BBLC's portfolio aligns with their global business diversification and expansion strategies. With Sinoex's international presence and expertise, BBLC can leverage their resources to expand its operations into new markets and strengthen its position as a global player in the lifestyle industry.

About Sinoex Limited Dba Touchpoint
Sinoex Limited Dba Touchpoint, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a pioneering company revolutionizing marketing and sales processes to build business intelligence, optimize customer targeting and enhancing business results for business clients around the globe. With advanced data analysis and machine learning capabilities, Touchpoint adopts an omnichannel approach to provide effective, efficient, and accurate solutions.
About Belle Bonica Luxe Corp.
Belle Bonica Luxe Corp. OTC: (BBLC) is dedicated to promoting a lifestyle of health, beauty, and wealth; through the acquisition and development of creative & innovative brands catering to luxury markets that are aimed at improving your way of life, while seeking long-term shareholder value. BBLC's promise is to commit to optimizing shareholder value by continuously sourcing un-paralleled revenue generating brands that match the group's 5 pillars of: "No limits. Passionate. Creative. Innovative. Fun”
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