svetlana chernienko


svetlana chernienko embodies a fusion of ukrainian, belarussian, russian, and african heritage. a force to be reckoned with, she is a canadian-american powerhouse, blazing trails as a mental health and human rights advocate, an enchanting fashion designer, a former radio show co-host, a dynamic producer, an insightful tv news contributor, and the former president of a natural, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics brand cf cosmetics.  
in the enchanting world of beauty, where dreams intertwine with reality, ms. chernienko reigns supreme as a trailblazing entrepreneur who helped launch cf cosmetics and became the president of this beauty brand. her unwavering determination, carved a path of extraordinary success, breathing life into the mesmerizing tale of cf cosmetics. from its humble beginnings in 2014, she nurtured the brand into a global powerhouse, instilling a vibrant spirit that champions the boundless beauty of diversity.  
as the spotlight cast its mesmerizing glow on the captivating world of television, it discovered the allure and true beauty of cf cosmetics woven into the tapestry of celebrated quebec actors and actresses. their performances radiated with a touch of cf cosmetics' magic as these renowned luminaries embraced the transformative power of svetlana's creations.