joel debellefeuille

executive chairman & ceo

joel debellefeuille is an entrepreneur, businessman and founder of just3, a public relations company providing strategic business solutions for private and public companies. he is the founder of belle bonica luxe corp. and is a strong human rights advocate and the founder of the red coalition inc. a federal lobby group advocating against racism and discrimination, and has appeared in global television, citynews montreal, cbc news, cjad800, the montreal gazette, the suburban, montreal community contact, the canadian press, ctv news, savoir media , qub radio with geneviève pettersen, noovo info, 98. 5fm with bénoit dutrizac and patrick lagacé, the aaron rand show, newstalk radio with co-host sharman yarnell, la presse, tva nouvelles, the huffington post, the globe & mail, vice; as well as a professional panelist for an accredited law course at mcGill university and a guest lecturer at mcmasters university for a law and sociology course.